Weekly Torah Commentary- KiTavo. Sept. 3,2015

Deut. 26:1- 29:8

Greetings to you this week from the coast of Italy en route back to Israel.

This week’s Torah reading includes the well known ‘blessings and curses’ related to obedience or disobedience to the Word of God.  It’s a sobering list -the extensive passages in chapter 28!  Much has been written over the centuries about this portion of the Torah by scholars far more learned than I.

One thing stands out to me as I read through these verses: the need to cultivate a grateful spirit.  Being thankful each day for all that God so generously bestows upon us is one of the greatest deterrents to sin; and therefore,to subjecting ourselves to the curses disobedience dispenses.  It is difficult to be rebellious and arrogant when we maintain a spirit of gratitude as our framework for living.

And it’s not just our soul that benefits for science has demonstrated that a grateful attitude enhances one’s health and prolongs one’s life!

A grateful heart is also a humble heart and God delights in the humble but distances Himself from the proud.

In Tune with Torah this week= check up on your spirit of thankfulness. How are you doing? Have you thanked the Lord today for the sheer privilege of knowing Him and for His sustaining grace that gives you life- right now, this very moment?

Shabbat shalom

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