A 30 Day ‘Elul’ Challenge August 12, 2012

Dear friends,

At sundown this coming Saturday night, August 18th, we usher in the Hebrew month of ELUL which is traditionally a month devoted to repentance and preparation of our hearts for the High Holy Days: Yom Teruah, the Day of the blowing of the Shofars (also known as Rosh Hashana), Yom Kippur and the week long festival of Succot (Tabernacles).

Jews worldwide turn their attention during the month of Elul to reviewing the past year, evaluating their spiritual growth (or the lack therof) and repenting as needed, along with seeking G-d’s help to improve their behavior in thought, word and deed during the coming year. It is an annual responsibility that is taken very seriously.

The book of Mishle (Proverbs), written by the wisest man in Jewish history, King Solomon, is a treasure trove of verses that greatly enhance our self-examination as well as imparting profound lessons for spiritual growth. The wisdom contained in its pages is a true gift left to us by one of our great Kings in the past.

As there are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs and 30 days in the month of Elul, I am committing to read and meditate on one chapter of Proverbs per day throughout Elul and use its wisdom and instruction as part of my guided self-evaluation in preparing my heart for the High Holy Days.

And I’d like to invite, you, my readers to join me.

Beginning next Sunday, August 19th, will you read one chapter per day of Mishle (the book of Proverbs) and seriously ponder its message? On the last day, erev Rosh Hashana (the eve of the holy day), we’ll read the last two chapters.

If you’ll accept this challenge, please let me know via the “Comment” option below – or send me an email at sophiabarlev@gmail.com I think it would be awesome to have dozens of us reading Proverbs together each day for 30 days beginning next Sunday. Why not invite your friends and family to join in as well? And let’s ask Hashem to grant us an extra measure of His wisdom and insight for the new Hebrew year which begins at sundown on the 1st of Tishrei, the evening of September 16th on the western calendar. Feel free to forward this email to everyone you can think of.

Throughout the month, please feel free to share any thoughts or insights you’d like, either via the comment section on or visit my Facebook page and leave a message there – Sophia Bar-Lev.

May godly insight and wisdom be given to all of us for the Hebrew year of 5773!

Shalom from Israel,

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